Project Life Layout Ideas and Inspiration: Documenting tough times

November 19, 2015

Aneika Walton


 When you do any form of scrapbooking or memory keeping it is very easy to document the fun, happy memories.  There are also plenty of scrapbook supplies to document these moments, there are embelishments that say best day ever and so much fun.  But there aren't many that say I'm angry or I'm lost or I'm lonely.  Life is full of ups and downs and when you hit the down times its easy to just skip them or just stop scrapbooking all togethor.  This year has been full of downs for me some of those weeks I skipped as you can see in my project life flip thru video and some I pushed through.   Here are some tips to get those tough times documented.


Stick to a muted color scheme

Using a simple muted color scheme can make the process easier because there aren't as many  colors and embelishments to coordinate. For week 26 I used all black and white cards so any color embelishments would have worked.


 Find quotes online

When you can't find the right words to say and none of your happy go lucky filler cards are working - don't worry, pinterest is near.  Pinterest is a great source to find and save quotes.  Most images on pinterest are the perfect size for project life cards.  To use quotes from pinterest I take a screen shot on my phone and print it at 3x4 size.


Hidden Journaling

Don't focus an entire layout on a tough moment.  Complete your layout as usual and then find a spot to hide some journaling.  This works because the hidden journaling doesn't have to be neat, embelished, or be politically correct.  So go ahead, let your tears smear the ink, use a few four letter words if you have to, just get it documented.  No matter how it turns out it won't affect the entire layout.


Week 33 was a particurlarly hard week for me, I had been dealing with some very personal, tough family situations.  I wanted to document it but I didn't want the entire layout to focus on it.  I folded a 4x6 card in half and embelished the front as usual and put my notes in the inside.  It also took me a long time to complete the journaling, I went back a few weeks later and completed it when I was in a better space.




Sometimes it is hard to gather your thoughts when you are in the midst of a situation.  When this happens I procrastinate.  It't better to have a few weeks of project life to go back and complete at the end of the year instead of stopping all togethor.  

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