About Me:


Hi I'm Aneika.  I'm a wife, mom, photographer and lover of all things creative.  I have always had lots of hobbies and enjoy doing anything creative.  Just to name a few - sewing, photography, painting, graphic design and makeup.  Since becoming a mother my latest obsessions are project life and planner decorating.

Just Me & My Creative Journey

November 10, 2015

Since I had my son it has been a struggle dealing with weight loss and accepting my body.  In this video I talk about overcoming these sttruggles.




November 10, 2015

I finally did it.  I have wanted to do makeup videos for a while now but hadn't gotten up the courage to do it.  I shared my everyday makeup routine.  It was a bit of a change for me because on my channel is mostly project life and planner videos.




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